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Hey you, I’m a Dutch girl that loves to create visual elements that tell a story

Most stories are worth being told. I like to search for those that can make an impact, that can bring a change, that will make people’s lives more beautiful. Let’s build a strong brand everyone will believe in, and as sustainable as possible. That is my goal.

I want people to get


Getting inspired is really nice, it’s a great feeling that I want everyone to experience. Being able to evoke a certain feeling though your work is a special opportunity.


I want you to not only enjoy the content but also learn something from it. For brands it’s important to explain what they are doing and why. There is so much to learn.


Take action! Great brands are able to motivate you for a certain action. If it’s to buy something or change behaviour. It should bring something in movement.

I want my work to

Stand out

I don’t want to do what everyone is does. We already have enough brands that are just like each other. Let’s not be afraid to stand out, make a difference.

Tell a story

Stories are everywhere, we tell stories to each other every day. Brands need to have a story too. What are you going to tell without a story? I’m here to help.

Fit the brand

Content isn’t going to work when the fit with the brand isn’t right. People will notice and you will lose. Let’s make sure the brand is recognized and recognizable.

I enjoy the field of


Innovation isn’t something you can achieve easily, within teams everything should be in place to make the environment right to innovate. Let’s make it more common.


I’m a designer but also much interested in tech. I want to understand how these things work and I do believe that it can potentially solve many of the problems we are facing today.


I studied Food innovation for a while and have been involved in a lot of food projects. This is definitely the field I have a lot of knowledge and experience in.

I’m looking for a new adventure

January 2023 – My time at Lightyear came to an abrupt end
I joined Lightyear as Visual Designer and it has been an incredible and very interesting ride. I felt so lucky to work together with such an amazing group of talented and mission driven people. But now it’s time to find another great design opportunity. I would like to get in touch!